Custom Website


Your visual introduction to your clients.


Clean, well-designed website hosted on your personal domain. Built in WordPress and hosted on high security platform Convesio, the first self-healing, autoscaling, high performance platform for creating and managing WordPress websites. Starting at $2,100.


  • Design consultation
  • Personalized design for your community‚Äôs needs
  • Color palette and curated imagery
  • Built for responsive usability across desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Integrated with social media and external resources
  • A contact form to field inquiries direct to email
  • Basic search engine optimization
  • $35 per month hosting fee (Begins 1 month after purchase. Hosting includes ongoing site updates and support.)

If the day comes that you want to maintain your website on your own, no hard feelings! Cancel your hosting fees with me and migrate your site elsewhere.

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